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Journey is a four session series designed to help you grow in your personal relationship with God, engage in a healthy Christian community, equip you for good works, and find a place to serve others using your unique gifts and talents.

It will also help you to understand who we are as a church.  If you are new to Christianity or transitioning from another church home this course is great for you.


Freedom is for everyone! This course looks at how to be free of the bondage of emotional hurts, living with broken hearts, rejection and unforgiveness. It teaches us how to close the doors where satan has gained entrance: those areas of continual sin and unforgiveness which keep us in bondage.

It looks at strongholds, both good and bad; taking control of our thoughts and understanding the completed work of salvation.

Freedom is a four session series, each about 20 mins. Recommended for every apprentice of Jesus. 


If you're wanting to learn more about prayer or perhaps prayer has become routine, dull and difficult and you want to find new ways to pray, have a look at The Prayer Course. It is an 8 part video course with a written file that you can work your way through. It is from Pete Grieg and the people at 24-7 Prayer.

Part 1 - Why Pray?
Part 2 - Adoration
Part 3 - Petition
Part 4 - Interession
Part 5 - Unanswered Prayer
Part 6 - Contemplation
Part 7 - Listening
Part 8 - Spiritual Warfare


Fasting is a way of letting go of our desires and drawing closer to God. But what are the best practices for fasting in a biblical and healthy manner? In this 4 part video series, you will get guidance from the experts at Practicing the Way on how to fast with clarity and focus. Watch the series and discover the rewards of fasting for your soul.


Sabbath is a sacred practice that invites us to rest from our work and reconnect with God. But how do we practice Sabbath in our busy and distracted lives? In this 4 part video series, you will learn from the experts at Practicing The Way how to create a rhythm of Sabbath that honors God and nourishes your soul. Watch the series and discover the joy of Sabbath for yourself.

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